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Tribos Peri Peri is the brainchild of restauranteur, Lubna Ismail.

Peri peri is a cuisine based off of the African Bird’s-eye chili pepper. For many years, this elusive pepper was tucked away in Southern Africa, until it was discovered by Portuguese explorers in the 20th century. They infused their dishes with the irresistible qualities of this pepper and ignited taste buds all around the world.

Until now, the United States has remained in the dark about peri peri. Tribos would like to introduce you to the chili that set the world ablaze.

Enlighten yourself with our succulent offerings, paired with our signature blends of spices, and join us on a journey around the globe. With inspirations from Portugal, Mozambique, and Southern Asia, Tribos peri peri is bound to send you on a flavor trip you will never forget!

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